Moulding a research paradigm from the ground up

This was a war where not a drop of blood was shed, nor prisoner held, with no victor or vanquished. It has never earnt a mention in standard school history textbooks.

A multi-hued leaf sitting on a wet black slate ground.

A problem shared could be a problem solved: helping your children tackle their mathematical understandings

First step: the education department

Flies on the wall — should we assume we know what’s going on in today’s classrooms? (Image shows flies captured on ‘fly paper’, a staple of residences in country Australia.

Flamboyance: Teaching maths out of the box

An unprompted piece of artwork from one of my students while I was his substitute math teacher (good likeness to me, but off task, has a typo and I definitely wasn’t teaching the class for ‘the pay’).

Mathematics staring us in the face in everyday life with Fibonacci numbers.

The front cover of ‘Teacher’, by Gabbie Stroud. Published June 2018 (Allen & Unwin, Australia)

Crunching away at the figures … now finished revising Year 10 maths. Yes!

Margaret Paton

Education writer MTeach|GradDip Comm Mgmt |BA Journalism

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