Surging ahead with my quest to be a (part-time) maths teacher

Been fobbed off?

  • “Just send me the paperwork. I haven’t done these for ages,” said one principal, who then fobbed off my many emails, handing him print outs of the info, requests for meetings before he finally retired several months later.
  • “Oh, it’s a lot of work and I haven’t done it for years,” said another principal, new to the school where I was working.
  • “Ask these lead teachers as they know how to do it,” said one principal who became scarce when I needed him to actually agree to sign the form so I could go ahead with it. I chased him for a term, then he retired.
  • “We’ll think about it — ask me in a few weeks,” said another.

Advice on notching that ‘yes’

Have you thought about managing up?

Make sure the school you’re targeting is a good ‘fit’ for you

Dealing With Doubt (How to Forge On When Your Career isn’t Panning Out)

Talk with others about what you’re going through

Focus on your point of need in your own learning

Address the white elephant — behaviour management

Forge your path to become an in-demand teacher

Education writer MTeach|GradDip Comm Mgmt |BA Journalism

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Margaret Paton

Margaret Paton

Education writer MTeach|GradDip Comm Mgmt |BA Journalism

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